Town & Country Bank is a locally owned bank dedicated to providing financial solutions. We believe that offering workable solutions will build lasting relationships; that is what community banking is all about. We have a local Board of Directors and a charter that dates back to 1894. In the 120 years since the bank first opened its doors, Town & Country has grown to be one of the largest community banks in South Central Missouri. Today, Town & Country Bank serves eight Missouri communities including: Salem, Rolla, Licking, Bourbon, Mountain Grove, St. James, Ava and Pevely. Town & Country Bank’s headquarters is located in Salem, Missouri and the bank employs more than 170 employees among its ten branches.

Our History

Town & Country Bank has been a locally-owned bank for more than a century. The bank was chartered in 1894 as Dent County Bank in Salem, Missouri. The bank was owned by the Dent family, and Louis Dent was the President. The present owners, the Gott family, purchased the bank in 1993, and Roger Gott, became the President and Chairman of the Board. Under Roger Gott’s leadership three small community banks were merged into one bank, Town & Country Bank. Town & Country Bank continued to grow, acquiring Union Bank’s Ava and Mountain Grove locations in 2004. In 2010, the bank opened a new location in Pevely, Missouri; expanding our Missouri footprint.

Our Leadership Team

The bank is led by Roger Gott, President and Chairman with over 30 years of banking experience. Mr. Gott started in the banking business in 1983 and under his leadership three small community banks were merged into one bank, Town & Country Bank.

Carl Eichenberger, also with more than 30 years of banking experience, joined the bank in 2002 as the bank’s first Chief Financial Officer. When John Kolbe, who joined the bank in 1997 and contributed significantly to the banks growth as Chief Executive Officer announced his retirement in 2014, Mr. Eichenberger took over the role of Chief Executive Officer.

In addition, we have a local Board of Directors. We believe sound leadership decisions show the bank's continued commitment to grow in the communities we serve.