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  NEW    Take Control TM Card Account

Now there's an easy, new way to make your money work even harder for you..the Take ControlTM card account from Town & Country Bank.

This convenient new card makes it easier than ever to set a budget and stick to it. It helps keep your spending on track.

Take ControlTM allows you to separate sums of money from your main account, so you'll have total peace of mind that your main account is protected by using your Take ControlTM card when you shop or travel. The card is also great for college student spending.

Control your spending and save

Better than prepaid!

Protects your primary account

Easy to use

*Town & Country Bank will decline or return any item presented to your account that will overdraw your account to the extent possible within our system. Inadvertent overdrafts are possible in limited situations; however, you will not incur a fee.
**Requires enrollment in Town & Country's online banking service. Online transfers are available from the enrolled accounts assigned to your personal Town & Country Bank online banking service.
***A $1.00 foreign ATM transaction fee may be assessed by Town & Country Bank on ATM transactions at non-Town & Country Bank ATM's.