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Q: What type of loans are available at Town & Country Bank?
A: Town & Country Bank is a full-service lender providing: home mortgages, loans for new home construction, loans to purchase land, agricultural loans and commercial loans. Town & Country Bank also offers consumer loans for items such as cars, boats and equipment.

Q: How can I fill out a loan application?
A: Town & Country Bank has 10 banking locations in South Central Missouri. Feel free to pick up an application at your nearest Town & Country Bank during business hours.

Q: How are loan decisions made?
A: Because Town & Country Bank is locally-owned, loan decisions are made quickly by the lending staff in your community. Most decisions are made within 24 hours.

Q: How can I calculate loan payments or how much I can afford to borrow?
A: Town & Country Bank is pleased to provide you with a variety of calculators on-line. Contact Town & Country Bank if you have additional questions about your individual situation. We would be pleased to discuss your personal needs and goals.