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Smart Savings

Our Smart Savings account is the ideal product for young customers who are learning the value of savings, or for customers who wish to have quick access to their deposits.
Below are a few of the additional features of this account:

Earn a bonus of .50% above our published savings rate with an automatic monthly transfer of $10 or more from our Smart Checking account into a Smart Savings account. Ask any member of our banking team for the current rate on this account or just click here.

Transfers are available from a savings account to another account or to a third party by preauthorized, automatic or telephone transfers.

Federal Reserve Regulation D limits the number of transfers from money market accounts to another account or to third parties by check, debit card, draft or similar order, by preauthorized debit, automatic debit, or by telephone or computer transfer to six per monthly statement cycle.

Christmas Club Account

This fun account was designed to help customers plan for holiday shopping. The account is opened with a deposit between $5 and $20.

Here are a few of the features of this account: