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Certificate of Deposit

A Town & Country Bank CD offers a high rate of return with a variety of terms to meet your needs. A Certificate of Deposit is our most popular investment product because deposits are safe, invested locally and FDIC insured.

Here are a few of the additional benefits youšll receive with a Town & Country Bank CD:

Substantial penalty for early withdrawal

The Dream Builder CD

Saving for your dream is easy with the Dream Builder CD. With an initial deposit as low as $250, this 15 month CD has a great rate of return. Additional money can be added to this CD in increments as low as $25...anytime you like. Interest is compounded monthly and added to your CD automatically.

Automatic transfers can be made from your checking or savings into this CD. Substantial penalty for early withdrawal. This CD is a 15 month variable rate CD. Rate will change quarterly. Click here for our current Dream Builder CD Rate.