We know your time is valuable. That’s why we are pleased to offer eDeposit, a new service designed for your business. Deposits can now be sent to us online, via your computer – safely and securely. Making deposits is now easier than ever. With eDeposit, you can send them electronically, right from your office. The system is user-friendly and 100% secure. Call us today to find out more details. You will save time and money – immediately.



It’s Simple

Scan Checks

Verify Deposit Total

Submit to US On-line



Highlights of eDeposit

Deposits can be made conveniently from your office

Streamlines the entire deposit process

No trips to the bank; saves you time and money

Software is user-friendly

Multiple feed scanners available

How the System Works

- Checks are placed in a scanner; deposit amount is keyed in
- Checks are scanned on both sides, endorsed and verified
- Scanned checks are converted to digital images
- Deposit file is encrypted and sent to us electronically
- Records are stored on your PC with full research capabilities
- Funds are available the following business day

How You Benefit

- Deposits can be made at any time, day or night
- Save time by consolidating deposits from other offices
- Your cut-off times can be extended
- Funds are available faster than paper deposits
- Data is instantly accessible for on-site research
- Security features allow you to control system access
- All data is saved on your computer; look up any deposit or transaction at any time

Minimum System Requirements

Windows 7 • 2GHz processor • 512MB RAM • 40GB hard drive • USB 2.0 connection • Internet connection