Secure Banking in the Digital Age: Why Monitoring Your Accounts Matters

Mom on phone while check computer

In today’s digital age, ensuring the security of your banking accounts is vital. At Town & Country Bank, we prioritize the safety and well-being of our customers, and that’s why we emphasize the significance of regularly monitoring your accounts. Early Detection of Suspicious Activity Your banking accounts are a gateway to your financial world, and […]

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Is Your Teen Ready for Financial Independence? Explore the Benefits of Opening a Teen Checking Account

Mother and Daughter in front of computer looking at online banking

Opening a checking account is an important step in a child’s financial journey. The decision of when to start this process depends on several factors. Children can learn essential financial skills such as budgeting and money management by managing a checking account. This article will explore the factors that should be considered before taking this step.   Maturity and […]

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Recognizing and Avoiding Common Tax Scams

Tax Scam

It’s that time of year again- tax season! With the April 15th tax filing deadline right around the corner, it’s important to be careful of tax scams that could compromise your personal and financial information. But don’t worry- we’ve got your back! Town & Country Bank has highlighted three common tax scams to help keep […]

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What is Smishing?

Woman looking at cell phone.

What is Smishing? Combating text-based phishing attempts Have you ever heard of the term “smishing”? You might be familiar with the term “phishing”, which refers to the fraudulent practice of sending emails containing malicious links to acquire personal information. Smishing is similar to phishing, except it happens on your phone through text messages. Smartphones have […]

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Unlock the Secret to Your Ideal Home Budget

Husband and Wife looking at computer budgeting for new home

Are you dreaming of owning your perfect home? Picture yourself in a beautiful house with blue shutters, a wrap-around porch, and a lush yard. But have you been pre-qualified yet? If not, it’s easy to feel uncertain about what a realistic budget looks like for your house-hunting journey. But don’t worry, we’re here to help! […]

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